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Contractor Staffing source, we help you build winning teams. Our Human Resources services help you improve your current team and bring on new talent that will fit your corporate culture and perform to the level of excellence you expect on your current team. Our HR services are provided for free, unless you are actively recruiting. When you are actively recruiting we charge a low monthly fee.

Our services:

  • We assess your current team and provide Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for all your employees
  • Our state-of-the-art software allows you to view how all your employees are performing and graphically represent the performance level and culture fit of your current team
  • We assess all your employees on culture fit and performance
  • Unlimited access to our performance assessment system (PAS) you will be able to evaluate and improve your entire team
  • We will be able to recruit new members of your team that will fit your corporate culture and perform to the level of excellence you expect of your current team
"Before working with Contractors Staffing Source, my company was limited by my inability to find qualified employees. In the 6 months since I have been working with CSS, I have hired 5 employees and my company sales have doubled. Also with the low monthly fee structure of CSS, I calculated that I have saved about $50,000 in recruiting fees."
John Jarrett
Jarrett Construction
“The growth of my business was limited because I didn’t have the time or expertise to find the people I needed to hire. After working with Contractors Staffing Source for a few months, I hired 3 people in one week. My wife also used the service and found a great admin assistant. Everyone has worked out to be a great hire - CSS did a terrific job of evaluating them and finding us the best people”
Brennan Glantz
Bosak Construction
“During the last year that we have been using Contractor Staffing Source, we have found some real superstars to add to our team. The assessment testing and screening that CSS provides helped us to identify the best candidates to interview. CSS also did a great job of finding us talent outside the residential construction industry. Our new Selections Coordinator was a wedding planner who lost all of her business during the pandemic. Her skill set of working with clients to guide them in making important decisions translated perfectly to her new position where she is doing a terrific job for us.”
Todd Tanck
Sea Coast Homes
“Contractors Staffing Source has helped us to hire 7 key employees over the past 2 years. We would have never been able to do this without their help. Before hiring CSS I would try to find candidates myself which was exhausting and not very effective. CSS has transformed the way we hire in our company with their expertise to create the job descriptions, post the positions and then evaluate all applicants to find the best candidates to interview. I would recommended Contractors Staffing Source to any construction business and I have already referred them to several colleagues”
Christopher Brement
Bramante Homes
$1500 / MONTH

Virtual Assistant

We can provide you with a Virtual Assistant to help you triage communications and work on a variety of administrative tasks, including managing your social media accounts. We ensure projects are executed on time and to the highest level of quality. Virtual Assistants are responsible for being familiar with your needs and preferences, and have consistent and proactive communication. Click below to enroll in our monthly subscription through PayPal. You can monitor, manage, or cancel your subscription at any time. Contact us with any inquiries.

Customize Staffing Option

Receive customized one-on-one unlimited business staffing.IMPORTANT: Please select the “Pay using your credit or debit card” link on the PayPal payment screen.
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