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In an industry as competitive and dynamic as construction, understanding the nuances of marketing can be the key to unlocking business success. Recently, Paul Sanneman, the visionary behind Contractor Staffing Source, had an insightful discussion with marketing maven Austin Houser from Base Coat Marketing on the “Business Success Tips” podcast. This conversation is a treasure trove of knowledge for contractors looking to elevate their businesses. Here are the critical takeaways and actionable strategies you can apply today to start seeing results.

Embrace the Fun in Business

Austin Houser begins by highlighting an often-overlooked aspect of business: having fun. According to Houser, the real joy in running a business comes from the freedom it offers — freedom that is directly tied to a well-executed marketing strategy. This strategy ensures a consistent flow of business or leads, which is where Base Coat Marketing excels. Specializing in digital marketing for professional painting companies, Houser’s team offers a full range of in-house services, emphasizing the importance of direct involvement over outsourcing.

Navigating Your Marketing Budget Wisely

When it comes to budgeting for marketing, Houser recommends allocating 5-10% of your budget towards marketing efforts, aiming for a 10x ROI. This allocation should balance between lead generation and brand building, both essential for sustainable growth. Houser’s advice underscores the necessity of viewing marketing as a long-term investment, cautioning against the expectation of immediate results. Understanding the specific needs of your market and adjusting your strategy accordingly is crucial for success.

The Power of Organic Growth

A significant portion of the conversation is dedicated to the importance of organic growth. Houser stresses that a website should not be a static entity; instead, it requires continuous updates and content additions to remain effective. This organic growth, particularly through SEO and regular content updates, is vital for building a strong online presence. Moreover, Houser discusses the critical role of reviews and backlinks in enhancing SEO, offering practical tips for contractors to improve their online visibility and credibility.

Selecting the Right Clients and Setting Expectations

One of the key insights from the podcast is the importance of client selection and expectation management. Base Coat Marketing carefully chooses its clients based on their readiness to engage in a marketing partnership and their understanding of marketing as a long-term commitment. Houser emphasizes the need to set realistic expectations from the outset, educating clients on what constitutes a qualified lead and the importance of a robust marketing budget to achieve a significant ROI.

Learning from Success and Failure

Lastly, Houser shares his perspective on the importance of learning from both successes and failures. He highlights that every marketing campaign offers valuable lessons that can help refine strategies and improve outcomes over time. By adopting a mindset of continuous improvement and being open to adjusting strategies based on results, contractors can turn even the most challenging situations into opportunities for growth.

Connect with Austin Houser

For those looking to dive deeper into the strategies discussed or to seek Austin Houser’s expertise in contractor marketing, visiting his profile at Base Coat Marketing is a great starting point. Here, you can learn more about his approach, the services offered by his team, and how they can help transform your business’s marketing efforts.

You can also learn more in the The Painter Marketing Academy, and learn how to Scale a Seven-Figure Painting Business. Or you can join on the fun at their Weekly Mastermind Groups with :

In conclusion, this podcast with Austin Houser and Paul Sanneman is not just a conversation; it’s a roadmap for contractors aiming to navigate the complexities of marketing in the construction industry. By embracing these insights and approaches, you have the potential to transform your business, ensuring not just survival but thriving success in today’s competitive landscape. Remember, the journey to marketing success is a marathon, not a sprint, and with the right strategies, your business can achieve remarkable growth and freedom.


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