Contractor Staffing Source, a proud member of the Marin Builders Association, is seeking insights from construction businesses for their upcoming white paper on “Construction Industry HR Best Practices: How to Build a Winning Team”.

The white paper aims to provide a valuable resource for construction businesses by gathering the best HR practices in the industry. By sharing their knowledge and experience, contributors can help other construction business owners improve their HR practices and build successful teams.

We believe that knowledge sharing is an essential part of building winning teams,” said Paul Sanneman, Founder of Contractor Staffing Source. “Our goal is to help construction businesses improve their HR practices and bring on new talent that will fit their corporate culture and perform to the level of excellence they expect on their current team.”

The white paper will cover topics such as employee evaluations, recruiting, and cultural fit. Contributors will have the opportunity to share their best practices in these areas and more.

To contribute to the white paper, interested parties can conveniently schedule your interview with Jennifer Jones using this schedule link: or call (619) 535-2149. Contributors will receive a copy of the completed white paper and be acknowledged in the final document.

In addition, Contractor Staffing Source will host a webinar to discuss the white paper and the best practices outlined within. Invitations to the webinar will be sent to all contributors.

We appreciate any and all contributions to our white paper, by working together, we can improve HR practices in the construction industry and build winning teams.”

For more information about Contractor Staffing Source and their services, visit their website at

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