Cognitive Ability Test

A cognitive ability test is a tool used by recruiting teams to assess a candidate’s mental aptitude for learning, processing, and applying new information. This powerful pre-employment assessment ranks atop the list of tools employers use to find, interview, hire, and onboard winning talent.

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Benefits of Online Cognitive Ability Testing

Online cognitive ability testing gives you a powerful way to look under the hood of each resume and see how a candidate will perform. Here are some of the ways cognitive ability testing can level up your hiring practice:

Screen out unqualified candidates: When a candidate doesn’t fit within the cognitive range you’ve set for a role, you can instead choose someone who does pass muster.

Identify high performers: Use cognitive ability testing to pick out high-potential candidates and supercharge your team from day one.

Use for a range of jobs: Many jobs benefit from a certain level of cognitive ability. Whether you’re hiring a customer service person or a CFO, a cognitive skills test can make sure you do it better.

Remove bias: In conjunction with other pre-employment assessments, a cognitive ability test can help you make fairer, more objective hires.

Predict job performance: Cognitive ability is widely accepted as one of the best — if not the best — predictor of on-the-job performance.

Inexpensive: A cognitive ability skills test is lightweight and low-cost, making it a great option when you have a tight hiring budget.               

 Easy to administer, take, and see results: Assessments are both easy to implement and easy to administer, letting you scale your hiring efforts quickly.            

 Decrease time to hire: By leveraging objective data, you can spend less time wading through resumes and more time onboarding and training your newest hire.            

 Increase retention: Job fit is an essential driver of engagement — and, by extension, employee retention.

 Lower hiring costs: By finding the right cognitive fit for a role, you’ll cut down on potential mishires — and the hefty cost associated with those hiring decisions.

Why Are Cognitive Skills Important in the Workplace?

Cognitive skills are important because they allow employees to regularly learn, process, and adapt to new information. When employees lack the proper cognitive ability for a job — say, a stock trader role requiring statistical analysis — they won’t be able to keep up with the day-to-day hustle and bustle.

In other words, when there’s a mismatch between the needs of the job and the abilities of the worker, you’re setting that worker up for failure. It’s better to find the right cognitive fit right from the jump, starting with a strong, proven set of pre-employment assessment tools.

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